C.Eng. M.I.Mech.E.

Freelance engineering and design consultant since 1990. Previously manager (Principal Scientific Officer) of Reliability of Safety Equipment Department, National Engineering Laboratory (NEL), 1978 - 1990.

Technical problem-solver for several UK manufacturers of fall protection equipment. Fall-accident investigator. Technical analyst, fall safety, on commissions for Electricity Association, Northern Electric plc, National Grid Company plc, Eastern Electricity, Scottish Hydro and Royal Assurance. Consultant to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on investigations into fall-arrest dynamics (kinematics), fall-arrest equipment, specialist harnesses and working procedures. Inventor and patent holder for several widely used fall-arrest devices and anchorage systems (inventor/owner of 2 patents, inventor and joint-applicant for 5 others, inventor and joint applicant for 3 others pending).

Convenor of Working Group 1 of CEN/TC160 – Protection Against Falls from a Height, 1987-1995, with responsibility for European Standards EN 364, EN 365 and EN 795. Representing Institution of Mechanical Engineers as technical member of BSI committee PH/5 – Industrial Safety Belts and Harnesses.

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